Providing Batteries and High Availability
 Emergency Power & Cooling Solutions
 for Computers, Networking Equipment
   and Mission Critical Applications

     UPS Emergency Power, Communication  
      Backup Power, DC Industrial Power
 Computer Room Cooling, Outdoor Enclosures

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SBC Data Power knows your company's computers, communication and
information infrastructure is the nerve center of your business.   We
specialize in industrial grade, backup emergency power systems.
Solutions include UPS, UL924 emergency lighting, long runtime inverter /
battery power, radio, VOIP and communication power, inverters,
industrial DC power,  24, 48 and 120 volt DC battery chargers and
power systems for backup power.

Note that SBC Data Power does not do internet e-commerce shopping.
We request that all clients contact us to review individually their battery
backup, emergency power and cooling requirement.  

                Proudly Representing

       Liebert / Vertive Network Power
   Newmar - Major Power - DDB Unlimited
Alpha Technologies - Xantrex - B&B Battery - APC
ICT DC Distribution  - Hindle Power - Deka Batteries

                 Applications Include:

          Computer Emergency Power
        UPS & Data Center Backup Power
     UL 924 Emergency Lighting Inverters   
  Cisco Switch & Network Equipment Backup
 Datacom - 48 Volt Inverters for 120VAC Power
Industrial Grade Float Voltage Battery Chargers
Teleph one, VOIP & Power Over Ethernet Backup
Radio, Telecommunications, PBX & Phone System Backup

Computer Room Cooling Systems

     HVAC - Precision Air Conditoning
 Solutions by Liebert and Xtreme Cooling
Primary, Secondary & Supplemental Cooling
For Small and Mid Size Equipment Room Solutions

Multi Purpose 1.0, 2.0, 3.5, 5.0 & 10.0 Ton Air Handlers

Industrial DC Power - 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC, 120VDC Power

Industrial DC power systems for 12 volt, 24 volt, 48 volt and 120 volt DC
power.  Designed for constant voltage, critical power for utility, rail,
communication and industry.  Solutions include battery chargers /
rectifiers, datacom power, batteries and DC distribution.  Solutions
from Hindle Power, Major Power, Newmar and Emerson Network Power.

             Services Include

           UPS Rental
       Battery Installation       
     Electrical Distribution
   Certified Battery Disposal
Systems Integration and Setup
Battery Testing and Diagnostics
Preventative Maintenance Planning   
Battery Installation & Disposal Services

For Sales and Technical Assistance,

Please Call Us @  949 646-8191

Email Contact:
Liebert Emerson Network Power Ememergency UPS power - GXT3 UPS System
Liebert Emerson Network Power UPS emergency backup, critical power for computers, servers, switches, hubs and routers
Liebert Emerson Network Power Mini Computer Room Air Conditioned Computer Network Cabinets
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