APC Replacement Battery Kit Crossover

SBC Data Power Replacement Battery Cartridge
(RBC) Crossover for APC UPS models.

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Popular APC UPS Models - For Complete List, See Chart Below

Model           Quantity        Voltage / Amp Hour        Popular  UPS Models

SB-RBC1           2                6 Volts / 4.0 Ah                For use on BK200, BK200B
SB-RBC2           1                12 Volts / 7.0 Ah              For use on SU420, SU420NET, PB280, BP500, BP700
SB-RBC3           2                6 Volts / 10 Ah                 For use on BK500
SB-RBC4           1                12 Volts / 12 Ah               For use on BP650PNP , SU650NET, SU650VS
SB-RBC5           2                12 Volts / 7.0 Ah              For use on SU700, SU450
SB-RBC6           2                12 Volts / 12 Ah               For use on SU1000, SU1000RM. SU1000RMNET, BP1000
SB-RBC7           2                12 Volts / 17 Ah               For use on SU1250, SU1400, SU1000XL, SUA750XL, SU700XL
SB-RBC8           4                12 Volts / 7.0 Ah              For use on SU1400RM, SU1400RMNET
SB-RBC9           2                12 Volts / 7.0 Ah              For use on SU700RM, SU700RMNET
SB-RBC10         1                12 Volts / 5.5 Ah-R          For use on BF250, BF280C, BF350, BK280
SB-RBC11         4                12 Volts / 17 Ah               For use on SU2200, SU2200RM, SU3000, SU3000RM
SB-RBC12         8                12 Volts / 7.0 Ah              For use on SU3000RM3U, SU5000RMT5U, SU2200RM3U
SB-RBC14         4                12 Volts / 75 Ah               Matrix Models 3000XR, 5000XR, MX3000XR, MX5000XR
SB-RBC18         2                6 Volts / 9.0 Ah                For PS450, PS450I
SB-RBC21         1                12 Volt / 5.5 Ah                For use on BF400C, BF500
SB-RBC22         2                12 Volts / 7.0 Ah              Batteries Only - SU700RM2U, SUA750RM2U
SB-RBC23         4                12 Volts / 7.0 Ah              Batteries Only - SU1000RM2U, SUA1000RM2U
SB-RBC24         4                12 Volts / 9.0 Ah              Batteries Only - SU1400RM2U, SUA1500RM2U
SB-RBC25         4                12 Volts / 7.0 Ah              Batteries Only - SU1400RMXL3U
SB-RBC43         8                12 Volts / 5.0 Ah              For use on SUA2200RM2U, SUA3000RM2U
SB-RBC55         4                12 Volts / 17 Ah               For use on SUA3000XL. SUA3000XLT
SmartCell          4                12 Volts / 17 Ah              Matrix Models MX3000, MX5000

SBC Data Power Complete Crossover for APC UPS models:

SB-RBC1:      BK200, BK200B

SB-RBC2:      BK250B, BK280B, BK300, BK350, BK400, BK400B, BK500, BK500M, BK500MC, BP280,
BP2801PNP, BP280B, BP280BPNP, BP280C, BP280PNP, BP280S, BP280S, BP280SX116,
BP350, BP350U, BP420, BP4201PNP, BP420C, BP420PNP, BP420S, BP500, BP500CLR,

SB-RBC3:      450AT, BK450, BK520, BK575C, BK600, BK600C, BK650M, PCNET

SB-RBC4:      BK650M, BK650MC, BK650S, BK650X06, BP6501PNP, BP650C, BP650PNP, BP650S,
BP650SC, SU620NET, SU650VS, SUVS650

SB-RBC5:      DL700, SU450, SU450NET, SU600, SU700, SU700BX120, SU700NET, SU700X93

SB-RBC6:      BK1250, BP1000, SU1000, SU1000BX120, SU1000NET, SU1000RM, SU1000RMNET,
SU1000VS, SU1000X127, SU1000X93, SU700X167, SUA1000, SUA1000US, SUVS1000

SB-RBC7:      BP1400, BP1400X116, DLA1500, DLA1500, SU1000XL, SU1000XLNET, SU1250, SU1250RM,
SU1400, SU1400BX120, SU1400NET, SU1400VS, SU1400X106, SU1400X145, SU1400X93,
SU700XL, SU700XLNET, SUA750XL, SUA1500, SUA1500X93, SUA750XL, SUVS1400

SB-RBC8:       SU1400RM, SU1400RMBX120, SU1400RMNET, SU1400RMX176, SU1400RMX93

SB-RBC9:       SU700RM, SU700RMNET

SB-RBC10:     BK200, BF250, BF280C, BF350, BK280        

SB-RBC11:     SU1400RMXLNET, SU1400RMXLTNET, SU1400XLTNET, SU2000, SU2200, SU2200BX120,
SU2200NET, SU2200RM, SU2200RMNET, SU2200RMXL, SU2200RMXLT, SU2200US,
SU2200X106, SU2200X111, SU2200X115, SU2200X179, SU2200X180, SU2200X93,
SU2200XL, SU2200XLNET, SU2200XLTNET, SU2200XLTX153, SU24XLBP, SU3000,
SU3000NET, SU3000RM, SU3000RMNET, SU3000RMX93, SU3000US, SU48XLBP        

SB-RBC12:      APC3RA, APC3TA, DL2200RM13U, DL2200RM3U, DL3000RM13U, DL3000RM3U,
NS2200RM3U, NS3000RM3U, NS3000RMT3U, SU20000R3X155, SU2200R3X106,
SU2200R3X147, SU2200R3X152, SU2200R3X167, SU2200RB3120, SU2200RM13U,
SU2200RM3U, SU3000R3BX120, SU3000R3X145, SU3000RM3U, SU3000RMT3U,
SU3000RMTX136, SU5000R5TBX120, SU5000R5XLTXFMR, SU5000RMT5U,
SU5000RMT5UXFMR, SU5000RMTXFMR, SU5000RMXLT5U, SU5000T, SU5000TX168,

SB-RBC14:      Matrix Models 3000XR, 5000XR, MX3000XR, MX5000XR, SMARTCELL-XR, UXBP48M

SB-RBC18:      BAY450, PS250, PS250I, PS450, PS450I, SU5005

SB-RBC21:      BF400C, BF500

SB-RBC22:      SU700R2BX120, SU700RM2U, SUA750RM2U

SB-RBC23:      SU1000R2BX120, SU1000RM2U, SUA1000RM2U, SUA1000RMUS

SB-RBC24:      SU1400R2BX120, SU1400R2X122, SU1400RM2U, SU1400RM2UX93, SU1400RMJ2U,
SUA1500R2X93, SUA1500RM2U, SUA1500RMUS, DLA1500RM2U

SB-RBC25:      SU1400RMXL3U

SB-RBC43:     SUA2200RM2U, SU3000RM2U,

SB-RBC55:     SUA3000XL, SU3000XLT,

SB-SMARTCELL:    MX3000, MX5000

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