Replacement UPS Batteries &
Battery Kits for APC UPS Systems

Quality APC UPS Replacement Batteries

Batteries & Battery Kits Feature:

- Maintenance free, sealed batteries
- 2 year battery and battery kit warranty
- New batteries from factory OEM suppliers
- Guaranteed to meet or exceed original battery
- Installation instructions and guidelines included
- Battery kits sold complete  with fuses, connectors and
wiring assemblies as needed                                                                                         Symmetra SYBATT
                                                                                                                          Replacement Battery Services

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Scott Batteries provides UPS replacement batteries for the Matrix 3000 & 5000, Matrix long runtime
external battery cabinets, SmartUPS and BackUPS models.  Scott Batteries also provides replacement
batteries for the Symmetra SYBATT battery modules.

To place orders by phone, please contact us @ 949 646 8191

Questions, please call or email

For complete listing of all APC model numbers, follow link to the left to the APC information page.

SBC Data Power strives to provide the best UPS replacement battery kits for each of the major UPS
manufacturers.  These include APC, Liebert, Powerware and Best Power.   If your organization has
models not listed here or extended battery runtime cabinets not shown, please call for information.

Replacement Battery Kit
Crossover for APC UPS  
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