Alpha Technologies / Argus - DC Power Systems

Argus Technologies manufactures DC power configurations for 12, 24
and - 48 Volt DC Power Systems with output capacities from 5 amps to
2000 amps in rackmount or standalone configurations.  

SBC Data Power is proud to include the Argus Technologies product
line in our EFI (Engineer, Furnish & Install) solutions.

Argus Power Systems

Argus Power Systems include the Pathfinder, Vista and BP Series.

Argus Rectifiers

Argus rectifiers provide a full range of compact solutions with output
ratings from 7.5 to 180 amps.

DC UPS - 5 Amp and 8 Amp Configurations

The Argus US01- 02 DC UPS is the ideal choice for applications and
controllers requiring DC UPS power.  This pre-configured chassis
design includes rectifiers, batteries, distribution and alarm contacts in a
24 and 48 VDC output.

Designed for maximum protection and safety, these units protect
against power outages by providing backup power for up to 2 hours at
full load.

DC Distribution

Additional Argus solutions include DC distribution with fuse panels,
circuit breaker panels and front access distribution panels.

For pricing and product specifics, please contact
Charlie Thompson at 949 646-8191 or via email at
Argus DC 12, 24, 48 & 120 Volt Power Systems
DC Power Plant Front Access Backup Power System Batteries
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