4.0 Ton Air Conditioned Computer Cabinet for Blade
Server Cooling from Liebert / Emerson Network Power

Portable 4.0 Ton HVAC Air Conditioned Computer Rack Enclosures for
Servers, VOIP, Network Equipment and Data Center Routers & Switches

Environmental Protection for High Density Servers

Designed for blade server cooling, this air conditioned computer cabinet from
Emerson Network Power / Liebert, the XDF air conditioned computer cabinet
provides cost effective, true air conditioning for blade servers and computers
when threatened by dangerous over- heating environmentals.

With this portable, self contained computer cabinet, you have Liebert engineering
and quality in a completely pre-assembled computer room, air-conditioned
server rack cabinet.  This NEMA enclosure provides a 4.0 ton air conditioning
solution, capable of cooling 18.0kVA / 14.0kW of computer and network equipment.

Business Continuity Solutions with UPS Protection

The XDF air conditioned computer cabinet provides up to 36U's / 63 inches of equipment
racking space.  Sufficient for network servers, Cisco switches and other networking equipment.
All with protection from dangerous over-heating environmentals, security and UPS with
customizable emergency runtime solutions.

An economical, cost effective solution, the FDX is ideal for smaller equipment deployments outside
of the data center, where protection from dusty environments and where security is an absolute
must.  With its integrated Liebert air cooled or water cooled Environmental Control Module (ECM),
these units are designed for 24 x 7 x 365 operation.

Ensuring its continuous operation, onsite support for the FDX is provided by Liebert Global
Services, providing 24 x 7 nationwide service and support.

Security, Environmental and UPS Protection

With the  Emerson Network Power / Liebert XDF air conditioned computer cabinet,
you are providing a secure, environmentally protected cabinet that will provide
years of operation for your network deployments, providing security, environmental
and U PS protection.  

Emerson Network Power / Liebert FDX Air Conditioned Cabinet Features:

•   Air conditioned, temperature controlled cabinet
•   4.0 Ton / 48,000 BTU of air conditioning capacity
•   18.0kVA / 14.4kW computer cooling capacity.
•   Integrated on-line double conversion UPS protection
•   36U / 63 inch of equipment racking space
•   Air inside completely isolated from the outside air
•   Air circulation prevents hot spots from high density deployments
•   Cabinets are free standing with overhead cable entrances
•   Back-up fan system provided for power failure conditions
•   Optional fan system available to transfer rejected heat outside the room

To Download the Liebert FDX
Computer Cabinet Brochure - Click Here

Cabinet Dimensions, Weight and Racking Capacity:
Outside Dimensions: 82.5”H x 35.0”W x 48”D, 800 lbs.
Internal Racking Dimensions: 19”W x 32.1”D

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Emerson Network Power Liebert XDF 4.0 Ton Air Conditoned Computer Cabinet for Servers, Switches, Routers
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