Telecom & Datacom Inverters for Network
120VAC Power from 48 Volt Battery Systems
  From Emerson Network Power and Lorain

120VAC and 240VAC Power for Network Equipment

Telecom / Datacom Inverters - 120VAC & 240VAC Power

Emerson Network Power and Lorain produce industrial grade
datacom and telecom inverter systems for computers, network
servers, data center and industrial and remote power applications

Systems produce true sine wave output and provide 120VAC or
240VAC power from a 12, 24 or 48 volt DC battery source.   Systems
can be standalone chassis and rack mounted, or utilize a common
holding chassis, where multiple invertes can be mounted into a
a single cabinet.

Inverter systems produce output from 1.0kVA to 6.0kVA output.  
Features include hot swappable inverters, N+1 redundancy, integrated
static transfer switches and dry contact communication.

For application specifics and pricing, please contact us.

Creating Ultra Long Runtimes

Emerson's and Lorain's telecom and datacom inverters create
long runtime solutions for network servers, routers and switches.
Battery runtimes of 4, 6 or 8 hours can be provide and are designed
designed for 24 x 7 365 operation.

Please call for application and pricing specifics.

Emerson Network Power Datacom Inverter

Emerson Network Power's Lorain IS 6000 Inverter

The Emerson Network Power Lorain IS 6000 is a 23” rack-mounted
inverter system for equipment room / data center deployments.

Individual inverter output capacity of 1.0kVA, this inverter system
can be paralled for an output of 6.0kVA / 4.8kW.    Optional static
transfer switches and maintenance bypass switches are available.

48 Volt Model - Individual Rectifier
LI48AMCAB               1000VA / 800 W                 120VAC

LI48AMC-CONFIG     1.0kVA - 6.0kVA                 120VAC or 208VAC

Lorain Datacom / Telecom Inverters

High Capacity 48 Volt N+1 Inverters for Datacom

Lorain, now owned by Emerson Network Power, produces many
datacom power products.  Many are legacy products and
too numerous to describe.  It is best that you call us to review
which products are still available from this manufacturer.

For pricing and applications specifics
Please contact Charlie Thompson   @   949 646-8191
or email -
Email Request for Information
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Emerson Network Power  Rectifiers and Battery Charging Systems
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