Emerson Network Power
Liebert NX 10 - 30kVA Emergency UPS Power

The Emerson Network Power - Liebert NX UPS provides three phase
emergency UPS power for all critical equipment.  With output ratings of
10kVA, 15kVA, 20kVA and 30kVA, these systems provide advanced power
protection for computers, server rooms, small to mid sized data centers,
network equipment including Cisco routers & switches, telecommunications,
VOIP applications and industrial processes.

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Scott Batteries is pleased to include the Emerson Network Power / Liebert
NX UPS into our EFI (Engineer, Furnish, Install) solutions.  Please call for
pricing and application specifics.

NX UPS Models and Application Specifics

Having already sold and installed these Liebert NX UPS systems, we are really pleased
with this online, double conversion (AC-DC-AC) design.  They are priced competitively,
compact (24.0"W x 32.5"D x 63.0"H) and have a a very small install footprint.  In addition,
all units are sold with Liebert's 24x7 emergency response service.

Model                               UPS Rating        AC Input / Output        Runtime
Liebert NX 10kVA            10kVA / 8.0kW       208 / 208-120            25 Minutes
Liebert NX 15kVA            15kVA / 12kW        208 / 208-120            15 Minutes
Liebert NX 20kVA            20kVA / 16kW        208 / 208-120              9 Minutes
Liebert NX 30kVA            30kVA / 24kw        208 / 208-120               8 Minutes

Liebert NX UPS Features and Options

- Longer runtime battery solutions
- Quiet (less than 54dBA from one meter)
- Network RJ45 and SNMP communication
- Power conditioning and surge protection
- Factory startup and 24x7 onsite service
- 480 volt to 208 volt step down transformers

The NX UPS provides a flexible, low cost of ownership solution.  With a diverse range
of advanced power products, Scott Batteries can provide the solution you need for
your specific requirement.  

For pricing and installation specifics, please call.  Scott Batteries also provides our site
preparation questionnaire, "Critical Success Factors for UPS Installation", to assist with
install questions.  Please ask for this.

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