UPS and Emergency Power Protection for IBM
eServers, Routers, Switches & Storage Solutions
Including IBM Blade Chassis and eStorage Devices

High Availability Emergency Power Systems for Backing
Up IBM eServers, xSeries, iSeries and eStorage Devices
Including the entire eServer and i5 Family of Products

Maximum Uptime / Maximum Investment Protection

Your IBM computers, networking switches and storage drives are now
deployed and you need to supply a backup, emergency power UPS
system to protect your investment.   Have questions ?

SBC Data Power can help by providing the highest level of
emergency power protection available.  These cost effective,
industrial grade, emergency power solutions designed for data
center, equipment room or office deployment provide true online,
double conversion (AC-DC-AC) UPS power protection with custom
configured runtimes and receptacle solutions.

Utilizing power protection products from Liebert Corporation and APC,
theses systems provide the highest level of reliability and maximum
investment protection for the IBM and HP line of Proliant, Integrity and Alpha
servers, Procurve networking routers and StorageWorks storage devices.

Data Center /  Equipment Room  /  Office Deployment

Providing backup emergency power, power conditioning and security
solutions for the IBM and HP line of computer and networking equipment,  
Scott Batteries integrates the best in UPS technologies to provide maximum
network uptime and equipment protection.   

120VAC, 208VAC & 240VAC Power Supply Voltages for IBM Products -    

120, 208 or 240 Volt AC Power
Rack mount or stand alone UPS chassis design
Complete isolation from all electrical disturbances
Zero transfer time solutions when switching to battery
Power conditioning that provides + - 3% power regulation
Variety of Receptacle Solutions - Included NEMA L6-20 &  NEMA 6-20 Configurations

NEMA 5-15, 5-20, 5-30, L6-20, 6-20 an L15-30 Receptacle Soulution -  

Easy deployment emergency power systems
UPS sizing for actual loads or faceplate power usage
Receptacle solutions to match your existing power cords
Redundant or stand alone backup power supply configurations
Solutions to match your Dell computer and rack power supplies

                  NEMA 5-15R  120 Volt, 15 Amp                         NEMA 5-20R 120 Volt, 20 Amp

                 NEMA 6-20R  208 Volt, 20 Amp                         NEMA L6-20R 208 Volt, 20 Amp, Twist Lock

Not meant to show all available plug and receptacle configurations.  Please call to
discuss your equipment specifics.

To View IBM Server UPS Installation Questionnaire, Click Here

Recommended Liebert Online, Double Conversion UPS Systems

Rating                              Model                                     Receptacles                      Plug                    Chassis

120 VAC Single Phase
500VA / 450W              GXT4-500RT120                    NEMA 5-15                     NEMA 5-15          Rack / Tower
700VA / 630W              GXT4-700RT120                    NEMA 5-15                     NEMA 5-15          Rack / Tower
1.0 kVA / 900W            GXT4-1000RT120                  NEMA 5-15                     NEMA 5-15          Rack / Tower
1.5 kVA / 1.3kW           GXT4-1500RT120                  NEMA 5-15                     NEMA 5-15          Rack / Tower
2.0 kVA / 1.8kW           GXT4-2000RT120                  NEMA 5-15 / 20              NEMA 5-20         Rack / Tower
3.0 kVA / 2.7kW           GXT4-3000RT120                  NEMA 5-15 / 20              NEMA 5-30         Rack / Tower

To Download Liebert GXT2 120VAC UPS Product Brochure - Click Here
208 / 240 VAC Single Phase
2.7kVA / 1.8kW            GXT4-3000RT208         NEMA 6-20, L6-15, L6-20      NEMA L6-20       Rack / Tower

To Download Liebert 2.7kVA 208VAC UPS Product Brochure - Click Here

120 / 208 / 240 VAC Single Phase
5.0kVA / 4.0KW            GXT4-5000RT208        NEMA 5-15, 5-20, 5-30           NEMA L14-30     Rack / Tower
                                                                                L6-15, L6-20, L6-30

6.0kVA / 4.8KW            GXT4-6000RT208        NEMA 5-15, 5-20, 5-30           NEMA L14-30     Rack / Tower
                                                                               L6-15, L6-20, L6-30

To Download Liebert 6.0kVA 120VAC / 208VAC UPS Product Brochure - Click Here

4.0kVA - 20.0kVA                 APS                       NEMA 5-15, 5-20, 5-30           Hardwire              Tower
                                                                               L6-15, L6-20, L6-30
120 / 208 / 240 VAC Three Phase
10.0kVA /   8.0kW            NX 10.0kVA                          Hardwire                        Hardwire             Tower
15.0kVA / 12.0kW           NX  15.0kVA                          Hardwire                        Hardwire             Tower
20.0kVA / 16.0kW           NX  20.0kVA                          Hardwire                        Hardwire             Tower
30.0kVA / 24.0kW           NX  30.0kVA                          Hardwire                        Hardwire             Tower

To Download Liebert NX UPS Product Brochure - Click Here

For Additional Liebert UPS Solutions, Click Here

For - 48 Volt DC Power systems, please call for specific requirements.

Please call for model and pricing specifics.  

With a diverse range of solutions and emergency power protection products,
The Scott Batteries Company  can provide the technical and sales assistance
for your network staff to successfully implement these critical power solutions.

The SBC Data Power does sell to educational, government, military,
municipal  accounts and does accept purchase orders from these organizations.  

Please call us so that we may configure a solution for your particular needs.

For pricing and applications specifics
Please contact Charlie Thompson   @   949 646-8191
or email -
Scott Batteries Company Line
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Liebert UPS Systems for Dell Servers - 6.0kVA GXT2 UPS System
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Liebert NX Three Phase UPS Protection for Dell Servers and Networking Equipment
Liebert NX Three Phase UPS -
10 kVA, 15kVA, 20kVA and
30 kVA Online Power System
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