Installation Questionnaire for Configuring UPS
Protection for IBM Servers, Network Switches
and Routers and Storage Equipment

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Equipment and Facility Requirements Profiling Questionnaire:

What are the model numbers of your HP equipment ? ______________________

What are the quantities to be installed ? ___________________

In how many locations or rack lineups ? ___________________

What is the AC input voltage you want to power your equipment:  __120  __ 208   __ 240

If known, what is the capacity in volt amps (VA) of the UPS you want:  ___________________

What is your available electrical power at your facility ?   ___ Single Phase  ____ Three Phase

What is the available power in your data room / equipment room where your equipment is to be

installed ?  ____ Single Phase   _____ Three Phase   ____ 120  ___ 208  ___ 240

What type of UPS chassis do you want ?  ____ Rack Mount   _____ Stand Alone

If rack mount, describe mounting configuration desired:  _____  Two Post   _____ Four Post

How much run time while on battery is required?    __________________

Define electrical plugs your network equipment is using: (15, 20 amps, twist lock , straight blade)

See electrical charts for NEMA configurations   _____________________________________

What is the future growth needed for this install ?   __10%   __25%  __50%

Are their other servers / network equipment that will share the UPS output ?  ________________

Are you looking for a redundant UPS system ?  Yes ____   No _____

Is UPS Network Communication Required? (SNMP or RJ45)  Yes ____   No _____

Does the installation site have the proper UPS input power and conduit in place? ________

Does the facility need the services of an electrician?

Does the installation site have the correct electrical receptacles for the connected equipment?  
IE: NEMA 5-15R, NEMA 5-20R, NEMA 6-20R receptacles

Does the site require computer cabinets or a racking system ?     Yes ____   No _____

What is the install date required ?     _______________

Does this application require a cooling / air conditioning solution ?   Yes ____   No _____

Is their a forklift or truck bay for offloading of the backup power system / UPS ?

Or is lift gate service required at time of delivery?

Does the customer need inside delivery service ?

Is the ship to same as the bill to ?

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