800W  1600W Industrial Inverters
MajorPower True Sine Wave Inverters
  120VAC 208VAC Computer Power

MajorPower Majorsine Datacom Inverters for AC Power
24VDC, 48VDC, 120VDC Inverters for 120VAC, 240VAC

MajorPower Telecom and Utility DC / AC Inverters for 120VAC or
208VAC Power for Computers, Routers & Switches from Battery Power

The MajorPower MajorSine datacom inverter provides true sine wave 120VAC
or 208VAC power for computers, network servers and communication devices
from - 48 volt, 24 volt or 120 volt DC battery systems.

Designed for telcom and utility company applications where reliable AC power
is a must, the MajorSine datacom inverter is an industrial grade network
device, designed for continuous duty.

Feature Rich Design - Operates on DC or AC Input

the MajorPower Majorsine inverter can operate on DC, battery input or
120 volt AC power.  Additional features include easy to read LCD display,
receptacles or terminal block output, SNMP network communication, built-in maintenance bypass.

Single Phase 120V AC or 208V AC Output

The MajorPower Majorsine datacom inverter is a 2U, modular, rack or stand-alone, true sine wave
inverter for network applications requiring constant 120 Volt AC power or 208 volt AC power.  Input
battery power can be derived from either -48 volt, 24 volt or 120 volt  from battery systems.  Units
are designed for either terminal block, hardwire output or via NEMA 5-15R, 5-20R receptacles or
IEC C13 sockets.

MajorSine Datacom Inverter Features:  

UL/cUL Approved
True Sine Wave Output
Standard 2U frame size
120, 208 or 240 Volt AC Output Power
Input power from -48 volt, 24 volt or 120 volt DC batteries
NEMA or IEC Receptacles or Terminal Block Output
Protection from overload, high / low battery voltage
Network communication available for optional SNMP RJ45 Web Card

-48 Volt Models                                Output              Output Voltage      DC Input  
MAJORSINE1000-48-2U        1000VA / 800 W          120VAC                  -48 Volt
MAJORSINE2000-48-2U        2000VA / 1500 W        120VAC                  -48 Volt

24 Volt Models                                 Output              Output Voltage       DC Input
MAJORSINE1000-24-2U        1000VA / 800 W          120VAC                  24 Volt

120 Volt Models                                Output             Output Voltage      DC Input
MAJORSINE1000-125-2U        1000VA / 800 W          120VAC                120 Volt
MAJORSINE2000-125-2U        2000VA / 1500 W        120VAC                120 Volt

MajorPower 24VDC, 48VDC, 120VDC Power Plants

MajorPower does provide industrial grade DC power plants / rectifiers for network and
wirless communication deployments, including 24 volt DC, 48 volt DC and 120 volt DC for
wireless communication, breaker protection and municipal power.  For specifics, please call.

For pricing and product specifics to each of the products listed above or to schedule
a site visit, please call us so that we may configure a solution that best fits your needs.

New and Replacement Batteries

SBC Data Power provides new and replacement batteries for DC power systems, including 12 volt,
24 volt, 48 volt and 120 volt battery systems.  For new or replacement batteries, click the link below.

For pricing and applications specifics
Please contact Charlie Thompson   @   949 646-8191
or email -  cthompson@sbcdata power.com
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MajorPower Datacom Inverters for Computer Power Output 120VAC 208V
MajorPower Datacom Inverters for Computer Power Output 120VAC 208V
MajorPower Datacom Inverters for Computer Power Output 120VAC 208VAC
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