Medical Grade UPS Emergency Power
Patient Area Approved - UL 60606-1 UL544 Listed
Systems from Oneac Controlled Power & Alpha

Hospital - Dental - Clinic Approved Emergency Power Systems
Systems from 600VA to  3.0kVA - 120VAC and 208VAC Emergency Power

Hospital Approved Emergency Power Systems

SBC Data Power assists hospitals, medical facilities and dental
offices by providing medical grade UPS emergency power systems
from the Oneac, Alpha and Controlled Power.

These medical grade UPS battery backup systems are designed to
help medical electronic equipment meet industry standards required
to keep patients and medical personnel safe.  Each are UL60601-1 and
UL1778 listed.

Applications include nurse call stations, film processors, ultrasound, blood
analyzers, mammography and others.  Each have hospital grade receptacles
and hospital grade input plugs and provide low leakage current to ground for
patient safety.  Note - Not approved for patient life safety equipment.

Output receptacles provided include NEMA 5-15, NEMA 5-20T, and IEC C13
power sockets and include 120VAC and 208VAC voltages. Many systems
have extended battery runtime and network communication capabilities.  

Oneac ON300M601 Series Medical Grade UPS

These competitively priced hospital grade UPS emergency power systems
from Onec provide a great standard for patient area deployments.  Oneac, a
proven supplier to the medical field when backup power is a must.  

120 VAC - Tower Chassis                        Input Plug            Output Receptacles
ONM300DA-SI            300 VA / 200 W      NEMA 5-15              NEMA 5-15R HG          Tower

ONM600DA-SI            600 VA / 400 W      NEMA 5-15              NEMA 5-15R HG          Tower

Dimensions:   ONM300DA-SI  7.4" H x 6.0" W x 15.5" L, 43 lbs.  
                    ONM600DA-SI  7.8" H x 7.0" W x 16.0" L, 53 lbs.

        For Oneac UPS Product Brochure - Click Here

Controlled Power Med Power RX Series Medical Grade UPS

The Controlled Power Med Power RX UPS provides these ultra reliable
hospital approved battery backup emergency power systems.  Each
LT/M UPS system includes hospital grade plugs and receptacles and
are UL60601-1 approved.

Systems provide automatic voltage regulation (+- 3%) and include extended
battery runtime options.     Systems come in tower or rack mount chassis.

120 VAC - Tower Chassis
LT/M 700                     700 VA / 500 W       NEMA 5-15                     NEMA 5-15         Tower
LT/M 850                     850 VA / 600 W       NEMA 5-15                     NEMA 5-15         Tower
LT/M 1000                  1000 VA / 700 W     NEMA 5-15                     NEMA 5-15         Tower
LT/M 1200                  1200 VA / 850 W     NEMA 5-15                     NEMA 5-15         Tower
LT/M 1400                  1400 VA / 1000 W   NEMA 5-15                     NEMA 5-15         Tower
LT/M 1600                 1600 VA / 1200 W    NEMA 5-15                     NEMA 5-15         Tower
LT/M 1800                 1800 VA / 1300 W    NEMA 5-15                     NEMA 5-15         Tower
LT/M 2100                 2100 VA / 1500 W    NEMA 5-15                     NEMA 5-15         Tower

      For Controlled Power Med Power RX Brochure - Click Here

Alpha Technologies CFR Med Power Medical Grade UPS

Alpha Technologies provides the CFR Med Series medical grade UPS system
for hospital, dental and clinic deployments.  Clean, safe reliable power with these
feature rich battery backup systems.  The AlphaMed utilizes external battery packs
to extend the battery time.   

120 VAC and 208VAC Tower Chassis
CFR 1500C MED       1500 VA / 1000 W    NEMA 5-15                     NEMA 5-15         Tower
CFR 2000 MED          2000 VA / 2000 W    NEMA 5-15                     NEMA 5-15         Tower
CFR 2500 MED          2500 VA / 2500 W    NEMA 5-15                     NEMA 5-15         Tower
CFR 3000 MED          3000 VA / 3000 W    NEMA 5-15                     NEMA 5-15         Tower

For Alpha Technologies CFR Med Power Brochure - Click Here

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a detailed quote on the best backup power solution for your requirement.

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