Battery Testing Services with Midtronics Battery Testers - Scott Batteries
Battery Testing and Management by Midtronics

Battery Testing Systems by Midtronics is the solution for facility managers and  
property management professionals.

Midtronics Battery Testers provide accurate, simple, in-the-field testing of battery
strings via conductance testing.

Conductance testing is performed without putting
actual discharge loads on the

Conductance Testing

Measures a battery’s ability to conduct current, providing a battery's state of health.  
A battery’s capacity is then measured and predicted.  Software then allows for easy,
stored interpretation of the results.

Midtronics Facts

Testing of VRLA, Flooded Batteries and Nicad Batteries

2 Volt, 6 Volt and 12 Volt Batteries, 5 – 2000 Amp Hr Cells Tested

Testing of Existing Installations - Predetermined Siemens readings allows for
analysis of existing battery strings

Inter-cell Connections - Allows for inter-cell connection testing

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