Portable Air Conditioning Solutions  for Network
Equipment and Data Center Servers, Routers & Switches

Mini Computer Room By Liebert Corp.

Cost effective, true air conditioning solutions for computers, servers, network
switches and routers and other critical equipment when threatened by dangerous
over- heating environmentals.

Now you can have Liebert engineering and quality in this completely self-contained
computer room, air-conditioned server rack cabinet.  This NEMA enclosure provides
true 1/2 ton air condition cooling and humidifying that is ideal for equipment
deployment outside of the data center, in dusty environments or where security
is an absolute must.

The NEMA 12 rated enclosure features Liebert's air conditioning Environmental Control
Modules (ECM), designed for 24 x 7 operation.   In addition, each cabinet has an integrated
Liebert online double conversion GXT2 UPS to protect from spikes, brownouts or complete
loss of utility power.

In the event of power failures, backup cooling fans provides emergency cooling for your server
and network equipment to ensure their continuous operation.

Security, Environmental and UPS Protection

With the  Mini Computer Room, Liebert and Emerson Network Power provide a sealed and
gasketed air conditioned computer racking solution that will provide years of operation for your
network deployments, providing security, environmental and UPS protection.  

The Liebert Mini Computer Room provides for an economical equipment protection solution.  
Serious protection for your network equipment.

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Liebert’s Mini Computer Room Features

Air Conditioned, Temperature Controlled              Power Conditioning Protection
Online Double Conversion UPS Protection            Backup Cooling Fan        
Insulated, Gasket Sealed Cabinet and Doors        Power Strips                  
Lockable, Front and Rear Doors                               Leveling Feet and Casters
Wide Area Network Communications                    Adjustable Internal Rails
Protection from Overhead Sprinklers Systems

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Please call for pricing and specifics on the engineering of this solution.

Kwikool  - Portable HVAC with Reliability and Flexibility

Designed for durability, efficiency and quiet operation, the Kwikool air conditioners are
intended for 24 x 7 operation.  They can be utilized for Primary, Secondary or Supplemental
cooling, depending on your budget and need.

30 to 40% More Effective than Spot Coolers - which utilize single duct cooling.  True air
conditioners utilize split air systems.  Outside air is brought in to cool the condenser and then hot
air is returned through its own duct to an outside source, totally isolating the condenser section
from the conditioned space.

Portable Air Conditioning Features

1.0 to 10.0 Ton Models                                       12,000 to 120,000 Btu/h Cooling
Single & Three Phase Input                              Receptacle Compatible Systems
Wide Input - 120, 208, 240 or 460VAC            Ceiling and Window Adapter Kits
Portable Through Standard Doorway             MicroprocessorControlled
Small Footprint Design

Model                                 Capacity           Electrical          Electrical          Plug

KwiKool SAC-1411                     1.1 Ton       14,000 Btu      120 / 20A 1 Ph.      Plug
KwiKool SAC-1811                     1.5 Ton       18,000 Btu      120 / 20A 1 Ph.      Plug  
KwiKool SAC-2411                     2.0 Ton       24,000 Btu      120 / 20A 1 Ph.      Plug
KwiKool SAC-2421                     2.0 Ton       24,000 Btu      208 / 20A 1 Ph.      Plug
KwiKool SAC-3021                     2.5 Ton       30,000 Btu      208 / 20A 1 Ph.      Plug
KwiKool SAC-4221                     3.5 Ton       42,000 Btu      208 / 60A 1 Ph.    Hrdwire
KwiKool SAC-6021                     5.0 Ton       60,000 Btu      208 / 60A 1 Ph.    Hrdwire
KwiKool SAC-6043                     5.0 Ton       60,000 Btu      208 / 30A 3 Ph.    Hrdwire
KwiKool SAC-12023                 10.0 Ton      120,000 Btu     208 / 80A 3 Ph.    Hrdwire
KwiKool SAC-12043                 10.0 Ton      120,000 Btu     460 / 40A 3 Ph.    Hrdwire

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please contact Charlie Thompson   @   949 646-8191
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