Air Conditioned Computer Server Cabinets
HVAC Cooling for Network Servers, Racks from Rittal

Portable HVAC Air Conditioned Computer Server Racks for Air
Conditioned Computer Cooling for Network Blade Servers, Switches

Environmental Protection from Dirt, Heat, Humidity

Rittal, one of the world's leading cabinet manufactures has engineered
these self-contained computer room, air-conditioned server rack cabinets.  
Air conditioned enclosures are designed from the Rittal TS8 computer
rack family and their Top Therm Plus HVAC air conditioners.

These industrial grade, NEMA 12 rated, air conditioned enclosures
designed for computers, network blade servers, Cisco switches, routers
and other critical equipment.  Server cabinets provide a network security
system with protection from heat, humidity.  All cabinets are lockable.

Cabinets operate on either 120VAC, 208VAC or 240VAC electrical
input and can be deployed as a single cabinet or clustered in a lineup.

Configurable Cooling Capacities

Cabinets can be configured to match your deployment and  electrical
requirements, matching HVAC cooling capacity to your cooling needs.
Enclosures are NEMA 12 rated, providing protection from dirt, dust  
and water. Cabinets are designed for indoor use.

De-Humidify System

Cabinets provide a de-humidfying system designed specifically for
network equipment and electronics.  With its internal heat element,
the Rittal enclosure does not require an external condensation pump
or water drainage tube.

Deployments can be an equipment room, warehouse, outside of the data
center, dusty work environments or where security is an absolute must.

Pre-Assembled, Ready for Deploymenty

These 42U (6' 6" height) enclosures features Rittal designed HVAC air
conditioning units.  Air conditioners can be mounted on top of the enclosure
or side mount, depending on capacity and deployment site requirements.

Rittal Pre-Configured Models

Model                                       Cooling       Cooling        Equipment    Electrical Input    Connection
                                                Capacity       BTU’s          Cooling                                                      
                                                 Tons                                 Capacity
SB-RITTAL-TS8-AC-7200      0.6 Ton     7,200 Btu     2100 Watts    120 or 208.    Hrdwire or Plug

SB-RITTAL-TS8-AC-9300      0.7 Ton     9,000 Btu     2700 Watts    120 o 208      Hrdwire or Plug

SB-RITTAL-TS8-AC-18000   1.5 Ton    18,000 Btu     5400 Watt      120 or 208    Hrdwire or Plug

Designed for 24 x 7 operation, each cabinet includes a 10 outlet vertical
power strip, casters and leveling feet and backup emergency venting.
Completely assembled prior to shipping and includes a 2 year factory
onsite warranty.  

UPS Protection from Utility Outages

UPS power protection and battery backup is also available, as an option,
provided by Rittal partner, Eaton Powerware.  UPS systems are online double
conversion UPS providing voltage regulation ( + - 3%) and zero transfer time
to battery providing protection from spikes, brownouts or complete loss of
utility power.

Overall, this air conditioned computer cabinet will provide years of operation for your network
deployments, providing security, environmental and UPS protection.  

Rittal Air Conditioned Enclosure Features:

•   Integrated HVAC onboard cooling
•   Cabinets can be free standing or clustered
•   Air-conditioner capacities matched to loads
•   Air inside the enclosure is re-circulated and isolated from the outside air
•   Air circulation prevents hot spots
•   Uses environmentally friendly R-407C refrigerant
•   Back-up venting system provided for power failure conditions

To Download the Rittal Air Conditioned
Computer Cabinet Brochure - Click Here

Cabinet Dimensions, Weight and Racking Capacity:
42U Enclosure Outside Dimensions: 78"H x 27.0”W x 42”D, 800 lbs.
Internal Racking Dimensions: 19”W x 72.0”D

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