UPS Rentals - Single and Three Phase
    Providing Nationwide Deployments
         2.0kVA - 160kVA Rentals

Single Phase & Three Phase UPS Rental Solutions
Serving Deployments Nationwide -  2.0kVA - 160kVA

Systems for 120V, 208V, 240V and 480V Emergency Power

SBC Data Power provides UPS (Uninterruptible Power System) rental units for
temporary, short term and longer deployments for corporate and industry
requirements.   Application requirements include power protection for computer,
blade servers, VOIP and network switch and router equipment and other mission
critical applications requiring emergency backed up power source.

SBC Data Power UPS solutions include single and three phase UPS system,
ranging from 2.0kVA single phase to 160kVA three phase.  Supplied voltages
include 120, 208, 240 and 480V systems.

A UPS rental from SBC Data Power can be utilized for special projects or
quick equipment deployment requirements.  This commonly arises during
UPS changeouts, facility maintenance or temporary deployments.

UPS Systems from Liebert, Powerware and APC

SBC Data Power utilizes UPS systems from the leading manufacturers, Liebert
Corp., Powerware and APC.   Designed for ultra reliable, advanced power
protection, each system provides automatic voltage regulation and emergency
battery power encase of utility power failure.

Long runtime emergency power solutions are also available.  Whether your runtime
requirement is 30 minutes or longer, SBC Data Power can assist in keeping critical
network equipment and servers up and running.

Startup Services Available

Many units are sold with onsite startup service to ensure correct operation
of the UPS and to provide a question and answer period for onsite support staff.
Smaller UPS systems are easy to setup and install, utilizing standard NEMA plug
and receptacle solutions.  For specifics to your requirement and to receive pricing,
please contact us.  

Summary of Services

•  Rental units from 2.0kVA single phase to 160kVA three phase
•  Units tested in-house prior to shipping
•  All units ship with fresh or recharged batteries
•  Pre-delivery site surveys available

To Download UPS Rental Brochure - Click Here

For pricing and applications specifics
please contact Charlie Thompson @  949 646-8191
or Email -
Liebert UPS Rental from Scott Batteries
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