Environmental Monitoring for Temperature
Humidity& Water - Data Center
Solutions from Uptime Devices

Uptime Devices' Environmental Monitoring Solutions

For Monitoring of Temperature, Humidity and Water in your Data Center,
the Uptime
Devices' Sensor Hub Pro and Sensor Hub 2 provide an easy to use, SNMP based monitoring solution for
your critical application environments.  The Uptime Devices' Sensor Hub family of products provide an
economically priced, real time monitoring solution of your network equipment
anywhere in the world.  

Applications include: Data center, equipment rooms, remote locations and

Additional sensors for Air Flow, Dry Contacts, Security, Smoke Detector
and Voltage are also available.  Please call for application specifics.

Family of Products

Sensor Hub Pro
- 19" or 23" rack mountable or mini tower hub with onboard temperature and humidity
sensors, 4 external sensor ports and 10 dry contacts.  Allows for sending of signals and web monitoring of
equipment not normally able to communicate across a network.  Utilizes internal Web Server, is platform
independent and requires no software.

• 2 On board Temperature and Humidity Sensors
• 4 External Sensor Ports
• E-Mail Capable
• Internal Web Server
• Full SNMP / Web Enabled
• Full Password Protection                                                             Sensor Hub Pro Pricing - $850.00
• User-Defined Thresholds

Sensor Hub 2 - The SH-2 is a shelf or wall mounted hub that provides two sensor ports and includes one
temperature sensor, providing expansion capabilities for one additional sensor (Water, Humidity,
Temperature, Airflow).

• On board Temperature Sensor
• 1 External Sensor Port
• E-Mail Capable
• Full SNMP / Web Enabled
• Full Password Protection
• User-Defined Thresholds
                                                                                    Sensor Hub Pricing - $285.00

Sensor Hub 2+ -The SH-2 Plus is a shelf or wall mounted hub that provides two sensor port and includes
one temperature sensor and one humidity sensor.

• On board Temperature and Humidity Sensors
• 1 External Sensor Port
• E-Mail Capable
• Full SNMP / Web Enabled
• Full Password Protection
• User-Defined Thresholds                                                       Sensor Hub 2 Plus Pricing - $385.00

For Online Demo of User Interface - Click Here

Scott Batteries is proud to include Uptime Devices in our EF&I solutions.  

Scott Batteries provides sales and integration services of the Uptime Devices to business, industrial,
educational, government and military requirements and does accept purchase orders from these

Scott Batteries represents Uptime Devices in retail, wholesale, OEM and as manufactures representative.

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Uptime Devices produces other very interesting products at www.uptimedevices.com.  For questions on the
integration of these solutions, please contact the Scott Batteries sales office.

Current users include Allstate, Chevron, Goodyear, HP, IBM, NASA, NFL Films, Sprint and others.

For pricing and applications specifics
please contact Charlie Thompson   @   949 646-8191
or Email - cthompson@sbcdatapower.com
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Uptime Devices Sensor Hub Pro - Data Center, Computer, Server Temperature, Water, Humidity Monitoring
Uptime Devices Sensor Hub 2 Plus for Monitoring Data Center, Computer, Server, Rack, Switch, Temperture, Water, Humidity
Uptime Devices Sensor Hub for computer, server, data center monitoring for temperature, humidity, water
Uptime Devices, data center, computer, server site monitoring for temperature, water, humidity
Uptime Devices, server, computer, data center, rack monitoring for temperature, water, humidity, network snmp communciation
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