Xantrex Inverters & Battery Chargers for
Battery Backup Emergency Power Systems

Producing Long Run Time 120 VAC and 208 VAC Power
From 12, 24, 48 Volt Deep Cycle Battery Systems

Xantrex, Trace Engineering & Heart Inverters - Chargers

Xantrex and its subsidiaries, Trace Engineering and Heart
manufacture industrial grade inverters and battery chargers
for backup emergency power.  Systems provide true sine wave,
120VAC output from a 12, 24 or 48 volt DC battery source.   

Providing long runtime backup emergency power, Scott Batteries
integrates batteries, chargers and inverters into complete packages.
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Click here - Xantrex Battery Chargers

Click here - Xantrex Datacom Inverters

Click here - Xantrex Inverters – Battery Chargers

Popular Xantrex Inverters Chargers

The Prosine and Freedom Inverter/Chargers provide 120VAC
power with battery charging.  Designed to run computers, network
devices and electronic equipment.  Coupled with batteries, these
inverters provide hours of backup runtime.

Model                        Output Capacity   DC Input Voltage        Sine Wave Output
Prosine 2.0                    2000 Watts           12 or 24 Volt               True Sine Wave
Prosine 2.5                    2500 Watts           12 or 24 Volt               True Sine Wave
Prosine 3.0                    3000 Watts           12 or 24 Volt               True Sine Wave
Freedom 458 10-12      1000 Watts              12  Volt                   Modified Sine Wave
Freedom 458 15-12      1500 Watts              12  Volt                   Modified Sine Wave
Freedom 458 20-12      2000 Watts              12  Volt                   Modified Sine Wave
Freedom 458 25-12      2500 Watts              12  Volt                   Modified Sine Wave
Freedom 458 30-12      3000 Watts              12  Volt                   Modified Sine Wave

Scott Batteries can provide the inverter and charger solution you need.
Please call us for pricing and specifics

Replacement Batteries

Scott Batteries provides new and replacement batteries for 12 volt,
24 volt, 48 volt and 120 volt battery systems.  For new or replacement
batteries, click the link below.

For New or Replacement Batteries - Click Here

For pricing and applications specifics
Please contact us @ 949 646-8191
or email – cthompson@sbcdatapower.com
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