Notice and Warning to All Potential Suppliers and Customers

All of the following, in my opinion, is true and factual  and is meant as a
warning to all companies that may attempt to do business with this firm.

Zebra Engineering Controls Inc.
Owner - Sean Roach   Phone - 202 292 7361

Zebra Engineering Controls Inc.
607 Division Ave NE
Washington, DC 20017-4002
Duns   00-415-7543

Beware of supplying products and purchasing products from this company.  
This company has shown itself to not pay suppliers on its state funded

Zebra Controls Engineering Inc, located at 607 Division Ave NE,
Washington, DC 20019, is a company that does not pay for its product or
services when purchased for its state and federal contracts.

Providing products and services to this company will put you at risk
of not receiving payments on your  merchandise.

Clients of this company stand at risk of having all warranties rescinded and
title to purchases placed in legal questions.

Note on company owner, Sean Roach.  Once transactions are completed,
Sean Roach  evades all attempted contacts by phone and email to address his
payment obligations.  He has shown himself to be a person of low business
and moral ethics and is best to be avoided.

This is intended as a warning to all potential suppliers and clients of the
damages caused by the actions of Zebra Engineering Controls Inc.  

It is our hope that any future business transactions with this business will be
performed in such a manner that suppliers can be protected against the
non-payment of products and services rendered.

Charlie Thompson, President
SBC Data Power Inc.
949 646 8191

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