APC Single and Three Phase UPS
Emergency Data Center Power Protection

APC Replacement UPS Batteries and Battery Kits (RBC)

Scott Batteries provides UPS replacement batteries and battery kits for APC single and
three phase UPS systems and extended battery runtime cabinets.  We are very
competitively priced.  Click on the link below to check us out !

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Single Phase and Three Phase UPS New Equipment Sales

APC (American Power Convserion) provides emergency, backup power systems for
mission critical computer, network and industrial equipment.  Applications include servers,
hubs, routers and switches, telephone and VOIP, industrial and manufacturing processes.

Scott Batteries is proud to include APC in our EF&I (engineer, furnish, install) solutions.

Scott Batteries provides sales, runtime analyses and integration services of the APC
products to business, industrial, educational, government and military requirements and
does accept purchase orders from these organizations.

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UPS Models                     Volt Amps/Watts            Voltage

SmartUPS Family                           420VA - 5.0kVA                      120/ 208 / 240

Symmetra UPS Family                  2.0kVA - 16.0kVA                   120 / 208 / 240

Matrix UPS Family                          3.0kVA - 5.0kVA                     120 / 208 / 240

Silcon 3 Phase UPS                      10.0kVA - 80.0kVA                 120 / 208 / 240

AIS UPS Family                               10.0kVA - 40.0kVA                 120 / 208 / 240

Legendary Reliability

APC is a globally recognized leader in providing technologically advanced power solutions.

APC UPS systems range from 300 VA to 120 kVA and deliver standby, line-interactive, and
online, double-conversion UPS technologies.  Note that not all of the APC UPS products are
shown here.  

For pricing and product specifics or to schedule a site visit, please call us so that we may
configure a solution that best fits your company's needs.

For pricing and applications specifics
please contact Charlie Thompson   @   949 646-8191
or Email - cthompson@sbcdatapower.com
APC Symmetra Matrix Smartups UPS and UPS Replacement Batteries
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APC Symmetra Matrix Smartups UPS and UPS Replacement Batteries
APC Symmetra Matrix Smartups UPS and UPS Replacement Batteries
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